Mission for Mobility

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About Mission for Mobility


Mission for Mobility inspires people with invisible disabilities to form critical relationships that encourage independence, support resiliency and promote inclusion by connecting with others. Mission for Mobility also hopes to foster a similar desire for connection in those who care for and about people who live with invisible disabilities.


The Beginning


Mission for Mobility began in 2002 thanks to a chance encounter between founder Grant Watkins and an elderly gentleman who lacked a simple tool to help him move safely in his community.


At the time, Grant was an administrator at an assisted living complex for the elderly, people with physical, intellectual or mental health challenges. He noticed that one resident seemed to spend much of his time sitting alone in the common area. One day, Grant introduced himself to the gentleman. Thanks to that simple act of reaching out, Grant learned that the man sat on the bench to connect with the community, albeit from the sidelines, because he lacked a simple tool – in this case, a cane – that would give him the support needed to navigate his environment safely. Grant was able to find a cane for the gentleman who quickly became more social, independent and active.


This single experience provided the spark that ignited a community-wide effort to collect used wheelchairs, canes, walkers and other types of mobility equipment to improve seniors’ access to their communities. Mission for Mobility had been born. Thousands of dollars’ worth of mobility equipment was collected and donated through Mission for Mobility to the Goodwill/Easter Seals Equipment Loan Program.



The Next Stage


Today, the goal of Mission for Mobility has shifted from collecting physical equipment to providing an equally important but more intangible form of support for people with hidden disabilities – emotional support, inspiration and encouragement to reach out to others and form critical human connections.


As someone who lives with dyslexia, hearing loss and other invisible disabilities, Grant has witnessed the transformative power of human connection in both his personal life, as well as his professional life. He believes that these human connections have the potential to provide critical stability and support for individuals living with silent disabilities. Through his blog posts, books and speaking engagements, Grant shares his personal experiences to inspire others.